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How Do Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors Work?

The rotary vane unit cylindrical head consists of a rotor with slots for vanes (pump blades). The rotary vane pump uses centrifugal force to push the vanes against the cylindrical head/housing wall and slide against the cylinder's internal surface as the rotor turns.

This movement creates a gap between the two vanes and the cylinder. As the rotor turns, the gap is being moved, and the volume of the gas is being compressed, increasing the pressure and creating a vacuum.

Construction of these positive displacement pumps allows us to create units smaller than the coin that can still provide amazing performance for thousands of hours.

BL-G Series
BL-G Series
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DTE Series
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G12 Series
G24 Series
G24 Series
G3 Series
G3 Series
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G6 Series
VTE Series
VTE Series
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9343310 Thomas LMG4 - Linear Magnetic    8.7 psi    0.95 lpm @ 2.9 psi
9343310 Thomas LMG4 - Linear Magnetic 8.7 psi 0.95 lpm @ 2.9 psi


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