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Have you heard of SMC Pneumatics USA?

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA on 4/2/2014 to orange coast pneumatics
SMC Pneumatics USAIf youíre looking for a diverse selection of pneumatic products, look no further than SMC Pneumatics USA. Powered by Orange Coast Pneumatics, SMC Pneumatics USA is a certified distributor of SMC products and is a market leader in pneumatics technology, products and service.

If you need to purchase general pneumatic products, SMC manufactures a wide variety of pneumatic automation products for semiconductors, automobiles, medical equipment and petroleum technology. The company is recognized as a global technology leader in the pneumatic industry and its products have been engineered to meet the needs of every sector of the market.

Orange Coast Pneumatics: Your Top Resource for SMC Products

Our website offers over 11,300 basic SMC products and over 560,000 variations. Because SMC Pneumatics USA is backed by Orange Coast Pneumatics, customers can expect the world class service and innovative product offerings the company is famous for. This means shipments that are sent 100% on time and 100% correctly, and an aggressive local inventory that can accommodate sudden increases in demand.

Orange Coast Pneumatics is owned and operated by its employees and has been fulfilling pneumatic requirements for customers like Beckman Coulter, Alcon Labs, and CareFusion for over 30 years. Its employees take pride in what they do, and our adaptive infrastructure allows customers to order pneumatic products quickly so they can get their products to market.

Why Choose SMC Pneumatics USA?

Orange Coast Pneumatics boasted an impressive 99.9992% defect-free delivery rating in 2013. Our experience, design capabilities, and stellar customer service help us meet customer needs much faster than the competition. Simply put, there is no other supplier with a greater selection of pneumatic products to address a diverse customer base with widely varying business needs. Our veteran professionals are rewarded daily for their hard work, which gives them incentive to outshine the competition and offer each customer a unique experience that other companies simply canít provide.

Thank you for letting us share our story with you. If you would like more information on our products and services, please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. We look forward to serving your pneumatics needs.

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 Have you heard of SMC Pneumatics USA?

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