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A Study of Pneumatics for Packaging

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA on 6/11/2014 to pneumatics for food packaging
Pneumatics for PackagingEarly on, smelters and blacksmiths created pneumatic hand bellows to easily work with iron and metals. These tools evolved to help workers use compressed air in industries, such as manufacturing.

Today, we use pneumatics for packaging to prepare products for shipment to worldwide destinations. In food manufacturing, pneumatics for food packaging helps them ensure wash down packaging compliance standards.

Although helpful, why do we use pneumatics in the packaging process? What is their importance?

Pneumatics for Packaging

Without pneumatic tools, we wouldn’t have food packed fresh; correctly bottled beer; airtight medical supplies or correctly anti-static wrapped electronics packaging. There would be a higher risk of contamination from moisture, sub-standard food quality and low-grade measurements during the packaging process.

Pneumatic developers, such as SMC Pneumatics USA, must also ensure operator health, safety and address any energy costs for proper compliance.

When manufacturers use the correct pneumatics for packaging, they keep critical control over processing and create extended usability for packaged products. Managed control in air pressure, temperature quality and an overall increase in efficiency all are possible with these tools.

Pneumatics for Food Packaging

Not only does pneumatics make the packaging process more efficient, it plays an even more important role for food distribution.

Pneumatics for food packaging is critical to maintain food-based product safety and reliability. This includes keeping out contaminants, which can negatively impact how food leaves the factory. With substantial heat, chemicals and high-pressures, wash down environments rely on pneumatic controls to regulate the motion and actuation to ensure 100 percent wash down packaging compliance.

To attain 100 percent compliance, manufacturers must comply with the standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). SMC Pneumatics USA is fully certified in the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

According to Food, handling equipment must be made of stainless steel to fulfill a top compliance requirement. Some pneumatics for food packaging manufacturers claim 100 percent wash down packaging compliance, but many construct their parts from substandard, albeit economical, aluminum.

The article also states stainless steel construction resists corrosion, cleaning agents and aggressive ingredients. These include high levels of chloride salts and acids found in tomato paste and ketchup.

For full compliance, SMC USA only utilizes stainless steel in pneumatics for packaging components, such as Air Fittings & Connectors, Flow Controls and Vacuum Accessories.

Pneumatics Ensures Packaging Safety and Compliance

From packaging medical equipment to packaging the food we eat, pneumatics keep contaminants levels down and ensure precise packaging operations. To maintain wash down packaging compliance, tools made from substandard materials could compromise public health and food packaging integrity. That’s why manufacturers rely on pneumatics to maintain the safety and control needed for precise package processing.

SMC Pneumatics USA, is powered by Orange Coast Pneumatics. Orange Coast Pneumatics (OcAire) is an official, national provider of SMC Pneumatics USA products. SMC offers 11,300 general pneumatics products, with over 560,000
variations, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market, including pneumatics for packaging equipment. If you would like more information on our products and services, please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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